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Click here to find out how to purchase a PreventionPays screening system for your medical practice.

Special Offer:

Purchase a screening system today, and you will get a one-year subscription to our Text Message Appointment Reminder Service. Send your patients text messages for better appointment compliance, or just to tell them how much you appreciate their services. Sign them up... enter the appointment time, and set the number and frequency of reminders. No more time-consuming phone calls. SMS is the best method for appointment tracking and patients prefer text messages over any other form of communication. You will save your staff countless hours of telephone appointment tracking in one simple to manage web-based application.

ALSO, check out PPTMS (PreventionPays Text Message Support Services) Create and control a wide variety of text message-based services for use in mobile marketing, mobile subscriptions, and other mobile initiatives (i.e. two-way text crisis support) that help reach priority groups with program info and services and meet objectives in the public health sector. And in many cases, SMS offers the only mode of communication with many disadvantaged groups.

Here are some of the ways our clients are using PPTMS:

Bullying Tip Line Schools and school districts are using text messaging to stomp out bullying through an anonymous web-based sms portal

Crisis Support Line Two-way IM style chat services for teens, young adults and hearing/speech impaired, a safe, reliable service that gives responders a new way to help deescalate emotional crisis and prevent self-harm.

Sexual Assault Help-line text based services for survivors of sexual assault/abuse, and all forms of Intimate Partner Violence.

Tobacco Cessation alerts, tips, resources, and referrals by text msg - an innovative strategy supporting the desire to quit through weekly alerts that seek to expose the truth about addiction and big tobacco, and encourage behavior modification through social norms and experiential marketing.

Sex and Relationship Advice Providing Sex advice/education and Relationship tips/alerts and life coping skills to teens through the use of text alerts and two-way chat support

Regional Disaster Alerts Providing regional disaster awareness, and resources to users based on the zip code they provide when they start their subscription.

And numerous other applications including Truancy Response Service, Homework Assignment Line, Appointment Compliance Services, AND COMING SOON, the Nation's first Health Resource Provisioning and Referrals Service through a partnership with 211 service providers (for more info, ask about our new suite of services, TXT211!)

How would you use PPTMS in your community?

If you are a public health service provider, and would like to learn how to add SMS capacity to your department, click here.


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