Hardware Used with the PreventionPays™ System

PreventionPays™ uses research-based hardware developed specifically for the healthcare industry, manufactured by Motion Computing®. PreventionPays™ recognizes Intel® Health Motion Computing® as the leader in PC hardware for healthcare.

PreventionPays™ workstations include these main elements:

  • Intel® Touch Tablet PC
  • Flexible dock station
  • Tablet-sized keyboard
  • Color printer for reports and forms

The PreventionPal™ tablet, when docked, creates a stand-alone workstation.   This means it is always on and ready for the next patient or ready to print forms and reports.

The PreventionPays™ workstation is small and can fit almost anywhere.

Early adopters have remarked how using the system is easy and that all staff training for all system uses took only an hour.  Further, users rate the system effective and well designed for professional uses.


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