Touchscreen Technology and Computer-Assisted Screening News

This area of our site is continuously updated with the latest news on the touchscreen technology that PreventionPays™ employs. Please click on any link below to view a PDF of the full story.

Healthcare IT News
A new national survey shows U.S. adults believe in the benefits of an electronic medical record and would prefer to deal with physicians and insurance companies that use digital records rather than those who do not.

World Health Organization (WHO) - Prevention IT
All too often, health care workers fail to seize patient interactions as opportunities to inform patients about health promotion and disease prevention strategies.

Screening Brief Intervention Report (NIAAA, Join Together) - Prevention IT
New national SBI Report, Screening and Brief Intervention: Making a Public Health Difference, finds preventive services at private practice and clinical settings on the rise due to new CPT codes.

HCTP - Computer-Assisted Screening for Intimate Partner Violence in Primary Care
Computer-assisted screening is potentially a cost effective method to obtain sensitive risk information without depending on healthcare providers' time.

APHA - Computer-assisted alcohol and other drug screening of trauma patients: Results of a pilot study
The acceptability of computerized screening was high, with the vast majority of patients assessing the experience as positive and being willing to repeat it in future.

CPT Billing and Recommendations News

Most Private Practice Doctors Under-Bill
A recent AMA study reports that the majority of private practice doctors under-bill by an average of 30%.

Billing for Preventive Services
Routine office visits can include additional preventive services such as vaccinations, screening, laboratory services, counseling, and even management of medical problems. This article addresses the challenges in coding for preventive services.


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